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SHRIMP at 5. Tag der Lehre

On Friday, November 8, 2019, the “5. Tag der Lehre” will take place at the University of Leipzig. The event focuses on the exchange on subject-specific and interdisciplinary questions of teaching and learning. We will present SHRIMP, our latest results and insights and the team behind the project. Come over and say hello between 11-12.30 h! The video shows some impressions of last year's event:

SHRIMP Publications

Project reports and other documentary studies, whitepapers etc., will be published Saxony's open access server Qucosa. This page documents all of these along with all forthcoming academic publications on the project:

  1. Projektdokumentation Laboruniversität, 2016 (de)
    [forthcoming on Qucosa]

  2. Abschlussbericht Lehrpraxis im Transfer, 2017 (de)
    [forthcoming on Qucosa]

SHRIMP at Digital Humanities Day 2018

SHRIMP project coordinator Dr. Sebastian Herrmann held a talk at the second Digital Humanities Day in Leipzig on December 3, 2018. Once again, SHRIMP had the chance to introduce itself as a project at the intersection of digitalization and humanities. Last year's shorter poster presentation was replaced by a longer talk this time.20181203_164558.jpg


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