• Jul05

    SHRIMP such einen Tutor / Community Manager

    SHRIMP sucht nach noch mehr Verstärkung für unser Team. Für das kommende Wintersemester 2019/2020 und die neue Projektphase von SHRIMP suchen wir einen neuen Tutor / Community Manager mit guten Kentnissen der Inhalte von LC I. Die Bewerbungsfrist ist der 19. Juli.

  • Jun26

    SHRIMP is hiring - SHKs/WHKs gesucht

    Exciting Opportunities ahead! Mit der neuen Projektphase von SHRIMP sucht unser Team nach Verstärkung in den Bereichen Coding, PR und Mediendidaktik. Die Bewerbungsfrist ist der 12. Juli 2019, Details können den jeweiligen Ausschreibungen entnommen werden.

  • Jun13

    SHRIMP is back for a new project phase

    The SHRIMP team is happy to announce that we have been able to secure funding from  for our next project phase, which will last from now until December 2020, allowing us to build on what we have learned in the previous phases, try out new things and implement new features.

  • Mar14

    SHRIMP at the 48th annual DGHD conference

    DGHD1.jpgOn Wednesday, March 6, SHRIMP took part in the 48th annual conference of the

  • Dec06

    SHRIMP at Digital Humanities Day 2018

    SHRIMP project coordinator Dr. Sebastian Herrmann held a talk at the second Digital Humanities Day in Leipzig on December 3, 2018. Once again, SHRIMP had the chance to introduce itself as a project at the intersection of digitalization and humanities. Last year's shorter poster presentation was replaced by a longer talk this time.20181203_164558.jpg

  • Nov30

    SHRIMP at Tag der Lehre 2018

    On November 7, 2018, the SHRIMP team had the opportunity to introduce the platform to the attendees at the "Digitale Inseln zum Ausprobieren" at the University's main campus. This year, the topic at the heart of Tag der Lehre was digitalization in the context of higher learning, making it the ideal forum to introduce SHRIMP.

  • Nov04

    Your Test Results and the Meta-Shrimp

    The semester is finally in full swing and we’re back with some stats! In case you were wondering where the results of the test went that you took before starting out on SHRIMP – here they are, neatly cast into a beautiful chart!Based on the answers you gave in the test, we calculated a profile of scores.

  • Jul10

    SHRIMP bei der Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften

    Am 22. Juni hatte der Leiter des SHRIMP Projekts Dr. Sebastian Herrmann die Gelegenheit, die Plattform im Rahmen der Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften im Ägyptischen Museum vorzustellen. Das Projekt weckte viel Interesse, wie ein Voting am Ende bestätigte, als SHRIMP zu dem Interessantesten unter den vorgestellten Projekten gewählt wurde.

  • Jun19

    SHRIMP beim LiT.Shortcut

    Am 19. Juni wurde SHRIMP im Rahmen eines LiT.Shortcut interessierten Lehrenden vorgestellt. Unter dem Titel ...


  • May27

    SHRIMP beim Didaktik-Workshop der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien

    Am 25. Mai haben wir das SHRIMP Projekt bei einem Didaktik-Workshop im Rahmen der Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Amerikastudien (DGfA) präsentiert. Ca. 30 Teilnehmende, überwiegend FachdidaktikerInnen, Lehrerinnen und Lehrer und interessierte Mitglieder der DGfA, nahmen die Präsentation zum Thema “Questioning the Authority of the Linear Form?

  • Apr30

    Talk Canon to Me: Let's Analyze the LC-1 Canon!

    After the conclusion of the #readingsforthebreak, which we took from the Literature and Culture I-list of exemplary texts for each period, we thought it’s time for some statistics. We had some thought provoking conversations about diversity and representation regarding our reading recommendations and this prompted us to take a closer look at the canon, so here it is: #talkcanontome! We have six periods to look at, so let’s dive into it!

  • Jan28

    Talk Nerdy to Me: The Grand Finale

    In this week’s Talk Nerdy to Me, the grand finale, we have not one but two graphs to show! They both relate to analyzing how everyone has been annotating during the semester, and so they provide an interesting window into how we engage with the texts as we read them.


  • Jan27

    SHRIMP featured on the Leipzig University Instagram Account

    This Thursday, the instagram account of the University of Leipzig featured a special guest: Shrimpy! In a series of photos uploaded to their story, a feature that allows for a sequent of posts to disappears after 24 hours, viewers gained an insight into what a day with Shrimpy looked like. Starting with getting up:

  • Jan21

    Talk Nerdy to Me: The Lost Cards

    Hey y’all! In this week’s Talk Nerdy to Me we’re going to discuss something a bit different: the cards the fewest distinct readers. That is to say, they’re the cards where the fewest number of specific users have read them. Let’s dive into the data!




    As we can clearly see, less than 25 of you have read each of these individual cards, and for some of them it’s less than 20! That’s not too many people.


  • Jan14

    Talk Nerdy to Me: Leaving a Mark on the World (or on SHRIMP)

    This week in Talk Nerdy to Me, we will be discussing a lesser known feature on SHRIMP: bookmarks. They’re a great way to keep in mind cards that might be interesting or important in the future, but also to make sure you remember where you read something important for the next session. Let’s take a look at how you all have been using this function and which cards have received the most bookmarks:bookmarks.jpg

  • Jan07

    Talk Nerdy to Me: A (not so) Shrimpy Christmas

    Talk Nerdy to Me: A (not so) Shrimpy Christmas

    Here at SHRIMP we hope everyone had a relaxing and fun Winter Break—we know we did! And we also know that at least a few of you got the best gift on Christmas: the gift of knowledge, for which some of you got the “Nerds on Christmas” badge. Accordingly, this week we wanted to check out how our vacation days affected reading habits.




  • Dec17

    Talk Nerdy to Me: Looking for Answers about Reading Questions

    This week in Talk Nerdy to Me, we’re going to look at the reading questions – that neat feature that pops up at the end of sessions, asking you to reflect on what you read and to put it into your own words. Reading questions help you get organized for the seminars as they test whether or not you truly understood what you read, and prepare you for discussing the texts with your peers. While this feature has been steadily used by you all, we can detect quite a bit of fluctuation when we look at the data:

  • Dec10

    Talk Nerdy to Me: How Much Are You Reading?

    This week in Talk Nerdy to Me we’re going to look at what cards have been the read the most this semester. This will give us a good idea of how reading habits change as the semester progresses.

  • Dec03

    Talk Nerdy to Me: When Are You Logging on?

    This week in “Talk Nerdy to Me” we’re going to look at when you all read SHRIMP. Because SHRIMP is always just a click away, we can find out some interesting things about when students are engaging with the reader. What we’re looking at exactly is when cards get opened.